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6 Feb
Mr. Mister

Mr. Mister

Love is a radical act.

That is true whether that love is for your fellow human beings, animals, nature, etc. As this project grows and evolves, it only seems natural that we would incorporate local and global issues that are important to us, as artists, and to our society as a whole. When one of us suffers, we all are failing as a society, a culture.

With this said, we try to help out when and where we can. It usually involves donating time or artwork to causes we believe in. When you cannot donate money, it is possible to give of your time, even if it is only a small gesture, to make things better for all of us.

We care about issues that affect us all. If there is any way we can help bring awareness to these issues and perhaps make a difference in the life of one person, one animal, one child, we will have succeeded. Most social issues have to be taken on one step at a time, with each victory being celebrated, and also with the realization that we cannot win every battle. The issue we’d like to discuss with this post is animal neglect and abuse. It is an issue very close to our hearts.


Mr. Mister and his heart

Recently I spent some time working with 4 dogs that were seized as “evidence” in an animal cruelty case. They were housed at a local shelter for the duration of the trial, until the judge turned ownership over to the county. During that 4 months, they were trained and socialized by volunteers at the shelter in order to get them ready for adoption. It was a rewarding, yet heartbreaking thing for me to be around.

Now the Fab 4 are available for adoption and slowly, but surely, getting out of the shelter. One has been adopted and one is in a foster home. Soon, I know, the other two will be in homes of their own. The trauma they went through will become something in their fading memories as they know what it is to feel safe and loved and secure. I want to celebrate the rescuers of these animals, the ones who witness horrific trauma, look it in the face, and continue to do the work that saves animals lives. To hurt a defenseless animal, child, or person is to be a coward. To honor, love, and respect those who are vulnerable or weak is to be a hero.

This blog entry is dedicated to the Fab 4 and the heroes who gave them a chance for a new life, a good life. We were fortunate enough to be asked to dog sit one of the Fab 4, who we are calling Mr. Mister. It was so good to see him outside of the shelter for the first time. He clearly is trying to adapt to his new reality as a dog in a loving, stable home. His stress levels are down and he loves being loved. The only reminder of his past is scarring on his face and a few other places. He is beautiful and well mannered and will soon adjust to being able to play and run, to being a happy dog. These photos are from our visit with Mr. Mister. We photographed him with one of our hearts because his story, and the story of others who have been abused, is a part of what this project is all about.

Love, in all positive forms, is a wonderful thing, and that includes helping an animal in need.

– Kelly

Mr. Mister loves tummy rubs

Mr. Mister loves tummy rubs