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mini (he)art bomb: uptown mural

18 Sep

Okay, maybe one heart does not a bombing make, but we’ll overlook that. Kelly wanted to combine Love is a Radical Act with a very special mural that a bunch of community members painted this summer as an act of love for one particular community member. This is a great example of love outside of the traditional family unit – love as a means of building strong community where everyone can depend on each other for help. Call it what you will, it’s a beautiful thing.

Note: the heart has already migrated to somewhere else, which is all part of the vision for this project. We hope to hear where it ended up.

(he)art bombing: mint tea

18 Sep

On Saturday afternoon we visited Mint Tea to (he)art bomb their lovely building. We knew the hearts would go great with the vibe of the business.

lots of hearts in the tree out front

we’re hoping some of these hearts will migrate to other locations *hint hint*

a little love looks great on the fencing made by Cobalt Designworks


(he)art bombing – grand central station

16 Sep

Kelly and I decided to take matters into our own hands and do some (he)art bombings around town while we wait for our collaborative installation events to happen at the end of the month. On Friday we went to the lovely courtyard on the southeast corner of Grand Central Station. We were delighted that our friend Anni came along to document the whole thing.

a box full of hearts

stringing up hearts

hearts in the trees….

…and on the benches

as luck would have it, we ran into Peggy and she lent a hand too

a pleasant surprise for those who drive by






upcoming installations!

16 Sep

We have two Love is a Radical Act installations coming up at the end of the month and we invite you all to join us! (Feel free to email loveisaradicalact [at] gmail [dot] com for full-size, high-res files of these fliers and/or with any questions.)

Moe’s and Mon Ami are located in uptown Vancouver.

Love Art Gallery is located in the Sellwood neighborhood in Portland.

peace and justice fair recap

12 Sep

As I said before, we were very excited to talk to all of the lovely folks who came to the Peace and Justice Fair last Saturday.

stringing up hearts

So many delightful families and friends. My favorite part was one person who said, “Love is a radical act,” and I knew he got it.

choosing the perfect heart

a lovely family

another beautiful family

even puppies need love

hearts: from jan

11 Sep

Vancouver Farmer’s Market

This past weekend, during the Peace and Justice Fair, my friend Jan went over to the Farmer’s Market to hang her heart on the Captain Vancouver Statue because she knew it would look lovely with the bouquet of flowers that someone always puts in his hand.


a big thanks

10 Sep

A big thanks once again to Karen and the First Congregational Church UCC for inviting us to share our project at the Peace and Justice Fair. A lot of people came by and were excited to hear about Love is a Radical Act. Thanks to everyone’s generosity, I am off to the store to buy some much needed kiln shelves, glaze, and other supplies so I can glaze and fire the next batch of hearts.

peace and justice fair

8 Sep

Thanks to the generosity and support of the First Congregational Church UCC, we will be handing out 150 hearts today, September 8, at the Peace and Justice Fair in Vancouver, WA. Please stop by and see us if you can! We will be there starting at 9:30am until the hearts run out. The Peace and Justice Fair is a pretty big annual event, so it might not take too long to go through all those hearts. Hope to see you there!

hearts: from abby

4 Sep


Vancouver, WA courthouse


“[My son] wanted his heart next to mine. I asked him why, he said ‘I just want to be next to you.'”