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hearts: from jennifer

30 Sep

Local artist Jennifer says, “20 years of marriage is a radical act of love.” So true.

hearts: from greg

30 Sep

Local artist Greg hung two hearts on one of the most iconic blocks in Vancouver. Thanks, Greg!

hearts: from mari

29 Sep

Today we did our first big public interactive event and it was great. It was an excellent example of community, friendship, and love. We also appreciated the generous donations of many of the folks who participated – we are well on our way to having gas money to make a trip up to Olympia and Seattle in October with Love is a Radical Act (details coming soon)!

Early on, Mari took one heart and quickly went a couple of blocks down, hung it at a bank, took photos, and came back and showed me. I asked her to send them to me and she was kind enough to do so.

She also took another heart and ended up hanging it further into downtown – I love that she managed to get it hanging on a blank wall.

Thanks everyone! There will be photos of the actual event posted soon. In the meantime, we look forward to the next installation event at Love Art gallery.

“love is a radical act project” by ponyboy press

21 Sep

Local zinester PonyBoy Press wrote this beautiful post about Love is a Radical Act and her thoughts about her own relationship. An excerpt:

“My partner of nine years was with me. He is a true and trusted partner. He’s my best friend. I so relate to what Sam wrote above about how the romance that most people think is so important is actually just an illusion. That idea actually belittles the true real love of everyday kindness and partnership. That is what I have with my partner.
We don’t live together, we aren’t married, but we have a strong equal partnership and his love and friendship has changed my life so much for the better.  Some people have and will dismiss our relationship, but it is strong and just as valid as any other couple or family who love and care for each other every day.”
Check out the full post for more from PonyBoy Press and some lovely photos at the beach.

hearts: from maria

18 Sep

Local artist Maria bought some hearts to (he)art bomb the home of a special family: Ian, Jessie, Harry, and Rosemary. Unfortunately, Harry had to spend his sixth birthday this past weekend in the hospital because he has been recovering from being hit by a car. While the past couple of months have been hard and sometimes scary for Harry and his family, there has been an enormous outpouring of love and generosity from the community to support these kind folks.

Happy birthday, Harry! You are lucky to be loved by so many people.

hearts: from peggy

12 Sep

Local artist and author Peggy chose to use her heart to celebrate her grandkids Maggie, Max, Sophie, and Ben.

hearts: from jan

11 Sep

Vancouver Farmer’s Market

This past weekend, during the Peace and Justice Fair, my friend Jan went over to the Farmer’s Market to hang her heart on the Captain Vancouver Statue because she knew it would look lovely with the bouquet of flowers that someone always puts in his hand.


last night

7 Sep

Last night Kelly and I went to an art opening for a friend of hers and of course we were telling everyone about Love is a Radical Act. We got to talk to Nancy Hales, wife of mayoral candidate Charlie, and in no time she had her heart hanging from her belt. Too cute! Of course Kelly had to snap a few photos. We hope Nancy will send in her own photo too.

hearts: from abby

4 Sep


Vancouver, WA courthouse


“[My son] wanted his heart next to mine. I asked him why, he said ‘I just want to be next to you.'”