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facebook photo roundup

12 Jan

Since there may or may not be much overlap between those who check out our blog and those who are following us on Facebook, we just wanted to take a moment to post a few photos we’ve gotten on our Facebook page over the past few months.

Stephanie at WWU

Stefanie at WWU

We first handed out hearts to some of our friends in early August at an art event in Vancouver. One of those early hearts made its way up to Western Washington University with our friend’s daughter Stefanie. Thanks to the whole family for their support and for posting this photo.

a happened upon heart in Vancouver

a happened upon heart in uptown Vancouver

Remember the (he)art bombing in uptown Vancouver and the lovely ladies who wrote massages on the backs of hearts? We assume this is one of their hearts since the message “Live in pure love” is on the back. Good work, ladies! And thanks to Katherine for the photo!

somewhere in Seattle

somewhere in Seattle

The most recent photo posted to our Facebook page came from Seattle and it’s lovely. We’re not sure where in Seattle this was taken (or even if it’s somewhere we hung a heart or if it got moved to this location by someone – we know at least some of the hearts have migrated and we love it), but we give big thanks to Kim for taking the time to take a photo and share it with us.

We’d like to remind everyone that we love getting photos of hearts you happen upon, photos of hearts you have hung yourself, and any other love-related content you’d like to send. Post them to our Facebook or send and email to loveisaradicalact [at] gmail [dot] com.

hearts: from mel & tim

22 Dec



Our friends Mel and Tim recently went on a trip to Mexico for their anniversary. They were kind enough to take time from their busy beach-dwelling schedule to hang two hearts down there for us. They look lovely in such a picturesque location, yes?

palm tree in Los Cabos

palm tree in Los Cabos

hearts: from jodi

18 Dec


We were delighted to find out that a friend of a friend had hung one of our hearts at the Multnomah County HIV and Homeless Clinic in downtown Portland where she works. We love to find out where the hearts end up. Thanks, Jodi, for sharing with the folks who come to the clinic.

hearts: from jan & jan

17 Dec

Good friends Jan and Jan went to the Oregon Coast on what turned out to be the first stormy weekend of the fall (note the high wind in pretty much all of the photos). We sent along some hearts, and they were kind enough to brave the weather in order to hang them.

hanging a heart in Tillamook

hanging a heart in Tillamook


along Highway 101

along Highway 101


near Rockaway

near Rockaway


Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach








hearts: from gina

16 Dec


Last month we had the pleasure of (he)art bombing at a friend’s book reading (it’s a romance novel, after all). Her friend Gina was in attendance, and she sent us these lovely photos of herself and her cat Rosie with their heart. Thanks, Gina!


hearts: from katie

24 Oct

Katie, a local artist and mother of two adorable sons, is all about love and family. She is well known for her many paintings of all kinds of families. Katie spends lots of time with her boys doing all kinds of things, including fun in the kitchen. She sent in a couple of great photos of her boys having fun with their hearts.


hearts: from alicia

16 Oct

I was delighted to get a photo in my inbox from one of the attendees at the Purple Lights Ceremony. Alicia took her heart and hung it on a paperbox on campus at WSU-V. Thanks, Alicia!

hearts: from derrick & kurt

15 Oct

Recently we spent an afternoon with Derrick and Kurt, a delightful couple from California. They have been together just shy of 20 years. They are also one of the lucky couples that got to marry legally, in 2008, before Prop 8 passed.

Derrick and Kurt love to play tennis together, so they hung a couple of hearts at the park in North Hollywood where they play tennis weekly. Thanks for bringing Love is a Radical Act to California!

hearts: from the bloggess!

1 Oct

I was beyond-words delighted to receive an email this weekend from The Bloggess with a link to this great photo of her with her hearts and the ever-so-true comment “Sometimes loving yourself is a radical act.” Thanks, Jenny!

hearts: from erin

30 Sep

Love Art artist Erin came by our installation event yesterday at the gallery, and later on took this photo of her family. It is accompanied by this message:

Here is our favorite Family, hanging ceramic hearts in their tree in support of Love Is A Radical Act. Seven hearts now hang celebrating all kinds of families and love! Today, at Love Art! Gallery, MANY people hung little red ceramic hearts to participate in our belief in the love of all….and the belief that marriage must be available legally for every couple, regardless of sexual orientation. We stand fully for the legalization of same sex marriage. We stand fully for Love. ♥