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happy new year!

1 Jan


Wow, can you believe it’s a new year? Looking back, so much has happened with Love is a Radical Act in such a short time. We’ve shared a lot on the blog – (he)art bombings, trips, photos from other folks, and our wedding – plus we’ve enjoyed a lot of smaller interactions such as emails from people who happened upon our hearts and looked us up or photos posted to our Facebook page. Just this week we had the pleasure of meeting up with someone who heard about us in a roundabout way from a friend and contacted us to buy some hearts to take to a wedding.

We look forward to doing even more in 2013. Of course, our biggest focus right now is planning our trip to San Francisco to (he)art bomb the Bay Area and many places along the way. Thanks to many kind and generous gifts from friends and family for our wedding, we have raised about $1500, leaving $1000 left to raise. If you would like to help, we appreciate donations of any size (see the Paypal button on the side bar and at the bottom of the page) or purchase some hearts or love-themed art. You can order some custom hearts for Valentine’s Day or a wedding. Have other ideas? Just ask!

We are also interested in applying for grants – both art grants as well as grants that would pay for us to do some educational work. We are both art educators and would love to have the opportunity to use Love is a Radical Act as a way to teach about various topics: ceramics, installation art, conceptual art, families/relationships, etc. If you have any ideas or leads for us, drop us an email. If you would like us to lead an art activity with your class/youth group/group of any size or age, please contact us.

Finally, we are delighted to announce that you can now follow our blog on Kindle if that’s the kind of thing you like to do.

Of course, we will still be (he)art bombing in Vancouver and Portland and blogging about it. We hope to hear from all of you and share your photos, words, and more on this blog.

Thanks for being part of Love is a Radical Act!

hearts: from mari

29 Sep

Today we did our first big public interactive event and it was great. It was an excellent example of community, friendship, and love. We also appreciated the generous donations of many of the folks who participated – we are well on our way to having gas money to make a trip up to Olympia and Seattle in October with Love is a Radical Act (details coming soon)!

Early on, Mari took one heart and quickly went a couple of blocks down, hung it at a bank, took photos, and came back and showed me. I asked her to send them to me and she was kind enough to do so.

She also took another heart and ended up hanging it further into downtown – I love that she managed to get it hanging on a blank wall.

Thanks everyone! There will be photos of the actual event posted soon. In the meantime, we look forward to the next installation event at Love Art gallery.

a big thanks

10 Sep

A big thanks once again to Karen and the First Congregational Church UCC for inviting us to share our project at the Peace and Justice Fair. A lot of people came by and were excited to hear about Love is a Radical Act. Thanks to everyone’s generosity, I am off to the store to buy some much needed kiln shelves, glaze, and other supplies so I can glaze and fire the next batch of hearts.

order your own hearts

6 Sep

One of the most important parts of this project is for people to have hearts to hang, and we definitely want to see them pop up all over the world, not just where we live. We wish we had the funds to give them away for free, but right now we just can’t do that. Instead we need to use them as a fundraising tool as well as part of the art project. (If anyone would like to make a sizable donation, we would be happy to offer up as many free hearts, postage paid, as possible.)

We invite you all to become part of Love is a Radical Act by ordering a few hearts and hanging them where you live. Click below to visit our online store (payment made via Paypal). Thank you!

click to visit our online store

click to visit our online store

Note: all of these hearts are cut by hand so sizes and shapes vary. Some are white on the back, some are red. In other words, no two are alike and yours may or may not look like any of the hearts pictured on this blog other than being red and heart-shaped. Hooray for variety!

we have big plans

5 Sep


As explained in my intro post, a big part of this project is hanging ceramic hearts out in public. I envision hundreds and thousands making their way out into the world. I am okay with making these objects and letting them go, putting them out in public unattended where people may simply admire them or they may choose to take them or even destroy them. It is up to chance and whatever the outcome, it will all have meaning.

I like the idea of people encountering a random bit of art and smiling at the unexpectedness of it all. Even if they do not know all of my meanings and motivations, they will see a red heart and know it is about love.

Some of the hearts will be hung by individuals and make small statements where they hang. Some will be hung in big public installations that will gain more attention (and where we can talk about our project with people more in depth). Part of the plan is for Kelly and I to raise the funds to do these actions around Washington this fall. We are starting close to home, but we would like to be able to travel to as many cities and towns as possible.

We are selling the ceramic hearts and other related artwork in an effort to raise funds to further this project. We are currently trying to move things very fast to get our project out as much as possible before the November election. But this project will also continue beyond November. We already have a gallery show scheduled for February 2013 at Milepost 5. And we are looking for more opportunities.

I hope you will contribute to this project first and foremost by contributing content – photos, essays, poems, video, etc. I hope you will contribute to this project by sharing it with others. Someone who needs something beautiful in their life. Someone who is already bursting with love. And then, if you can, I hope you might have a dollar or two to contribute so that we can put our full energy into our art. Either buy some art from us or just donate a little something. We value 100 donations of $1 as much as a $100 donation from one person.

The funds we raise will first go to covering the cost of supplies. Then to travel costs to do installations around the state. Then, heaven forbid, to paying ourselves (or others if we can afford it) for the time it takes to make the hearts and related art, to run this website, to do the installations, and to do all the behind the scenes work that makes it all come together. If we are financially able to make this a full-time endeavor, we are happy to pour ourselves into fighting the good fight for all the families out there who are looking for acceptance and support.

Please consider buying one of our affordable, love-themed pieces of art or donating a couple of dollars. Feel free to contact us with questions or with commission requests. Thank you so much for your support.