dear beloveds

29 Jan

Franciszka, a poet friend of mine, recently unveiled a really cool project she’s been working on call dear beloveds. She’s got a great explanation of its origins on the site. An excerpt:

“once upon a time i wrote a poem to every human in the world entitled dear beloveds (inspired by juliana spahr’s this connection of everyone with lungs). in summer, 2012, i turned this poem into a zine and then took it on tour. while it was delightful to share the poem in different places, it was even more delightful to pass notecards out to the audience afterwards and ask them to contribute their own sentence, phrase or paragraph addressed to every human in the world (suggested by the phrase dear beloveds).”

What I think is really great about this project is how inclusive and human it is. I also think it’s a beautiful companion to the ideas behind Love is a Radical Act. The submissions on dear beloveds express many ideas, but a lot of them are about love* and compassion – or at least the desire for more love and compassion, perhaps through healing or self-love.

I encourage you to check it out and please consider submitting you own message to every human in the world.

*Check out all the great components of love that are mentioned on the different submissions: love, trust, communication, listening, reassurance, connection, generosity, support, and all sorts of positive and encouraging words.



One Response to “dear beloveds”

  1. frantelope January 29, 2013 at 4:32 pm #

    thank you sam! i love how our projects strike a similar note of the same tune!

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